Koh Samui Holiday Villa






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In our holiday villas you find everything for a truely relaxing experience in a stunning location. 
But take this time also to pamper yourself in a Spa or Health retreat to maximise you relaxation experience and give yourself the gift of well being.












Eranda Herbal Spa

Eranda Herbal Spa- known as ‘The Spa with a view sits on the quiet hills of Chaweng’ From the moment you arrive at Eranda, you are treated as a special guest. The gentle staff take care of your needs, directing you to the various treatment and relaxation areas. Always making sure you feel comfortable and un-rushed.
The spa uses a wide range of natural Thai ingredients. Lemon grass, cinnamon and ginger are just some of the local extracts that rejuvinate your skin and return your body's natural harmony. The treatment spaces at Eranda Herbal Spa blend with the natural location.
Your well-beeing is the utmost priority. The products are high in vitamines and not testes on animals. Each product has a beautiful aroma, harmonious your boday and gives you a exquisite relaxing and rejuvinating experience.













Absolute Sanctuary

Give yourself the gift of well- beeing at ‚Absulte Sanctuary, Thailand’s Premier Detox & Yoga Resort on Koh Samui.
Here you find a wide rage of vibrant detoxification programs, inspiring yoga retreats, spa-based healing therapies for those who are seeking a journey back to balance, rejuvenation and wellness. These are benefits which we guarantee will last you a life time!
Re-ingnite your passion, commit to becoming your optimal self and discover the journey of prolonged, healthy living!

















Please do not hesitate to contact us for reservations or further questions any time.
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